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Ready meal

Ready meals: an infinite number of recipes

The worldwide demand for ready meals is growing. The demands of your customers in terms of quantity, quality and production diversity are increasingly important. The multitude of ready meal recipes is complex to manage on a daily basis, both in terms of flow management and cleaning.

Ensuring food safety while being productive is one of your priorities. The hygiene and cleanability of your lines are therefore essential elements to deliver your orders and satisfy your customers.

Acemia offers complete solutions for the handling of ready meals. From the preparation of bare products to the placing in trays. We also design equipment for the management of buffer accumulations, thermoforming or flowpack feeders and machines dedicated to the management of packaging.

Meeting your needs: our expertise

At Acemia, we are committed to making your day-to-day life easier and helping you exceed your goals.  Helping you improve your production processes from raw material preparation to secondary packaging is our priority.

Thanks to the close relationship between our engineers, our salesmen and our customers, we are able to help you to elaborate a calibrated and qualitative technical project, answering all your problems…

Our philosophy: each customer is unique! We help you to think, design and install the line perfectly adapted to your production requirements while integrating your space and speed constraints.

A project mode designed to help you exceed your objectives


Our technical sales engineers study your project, your flows (rates, recipes, products, …) to optimize your production. This essential step helps you to define the specifications that meet 100% of your requirements.


Our engineers get into the details of the design. Thanks to our weekly design reviews, you are at the heart of the development of your project and follow its progress. 


After validation of the mechanical and electrical studies, your production line is manufactured in our workshops.


We receive you in our workshop, to show you the assembled and tested equipment.
Together, we make sure that your new production line meets your requirements. We adjust it to meet 100% of your specifications.

Installation and set up

Our teams come to your production site to install and accompany you during the start-up phases.


Your production teams and managers are trained to use your new line.

Hygienic design & customized solutions

Acemia operates in the ready meal industry, in France and abroad, for both bare and packaged products. We help you improve your production processes from the preparation of the dishes, to the placing in trays and the packing of the primary packaging. We offer automated conveying solutions adapted to your products and their preparation.

Acemia integrates ergonomic and hygienic workstations for operators on its conveyors. Our solutions are adapted to limit RSI as much as possible and provide optimal comfort on a daily basis. To achieve this, we integrate custom-made height-adjustable equipment into our solutions, offering the optimal height and working radius.

To address these issues, we have created and designed our equipment with hygienic design in mind. Thus, our equipment has no retention zones. The different parts of our conveyors are easily accessible and have quick releases and belt lifters allowing easy disassembly before cleaning with a high pressure water jet.

Our solutions are suitable for sticky products that require equipment to be cleaned by high pressure water jets. They can remove unwanted bodies quickly and efficiently. We also offer Clean-in-Place (CIP) solutions to facilitate the work of your cleaning teams.

Your products

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Our most requested equipment

  • Grinder feeder
  • Diverter
  • Turner

acemia AT your service

Do you have a production process improvement project? Do you have optimization needs?

By trusting Acemia, you are assured of impeccable and responsive service, guaranteed on-time delivery and the benefit of a customized food processing conveyor solution adapted to your operating constraints.

Working with Acemia is the assurance of impeccable and responsive service, the assurance of guaranteed on-time delivery, and the assurance of having a customized food processing conveyor solution tailored to your operational constraints. At Acemia, we pride ourselves on providing expertise to our clients.

Belt cleaning, hygiene, precision transfers to avoid losses on the floor. It is with these constraints in mind that Acemia designs and manufactures its conveyor and transfer solutions for the food industry.

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