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Robotics for the food industry

The industries concerned

We offer solutions for handling, orienting, stacking, unstacking of bare or packaged products. We ensure the integrated design of these functions, together with the manipulators and grippers, in order to guarantee you a global performance.

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Robots Scara (Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm)

SCARA robots typically have a cylindrical work area. They are ideal for assembly or pick-and-place operations using a tool (gripper) at the end of the robot. Speed and repeatability are the main arguments for SCARA robots.

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Robots Delta

Robots for picking and packing. Designed to maximize the speed and versatility of high-speed handling and picking operations of small parts, especially in the food industry.

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6 axes or polyarticulated

The flexibility of these robots is increased and allows them to carry heavier loads. Their footprint is small and their working space is optimized. Their fully enclosed structure allows them to work in sensitive environments in the food industry.

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